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Unintentionally wore the outfit I scribbled for my Ask Cyn thang. I haven’t worn the belt or jacket in a while, and I’ve been going without my bandanas and hat since last summer. Last picture looks really awkward because I’m tall and my room is not. Standing up while wearing my hat isn’t a thing that can happen.

I’m most likely going out to the Pub with my maties tonight. I’ll probably stick with this, and my silver boots. I know, I know.. every time I go out, I regret it because the things that make me strange and miserable keep happening. Well, we’re out of the Pisces phase now, so maybe Aries’ influence will help level me out. ..except that I have the heart of a ram and this phase makes me fall in love with everything. Fuck, I can’t win.

No point here. Well, knife and nails aside..

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